Saturday, 4 August 2012


So my last entry was subtly introducing my final cat... (honest!) NORMAN!! He is now about 20 weeks old, full of fun and smitten with me... and Mia!! Last weekend he went for his first set of kitten vaccinations and was flea'd and wormed, only he decided that when we got home he wanted to lick the stuff off himself and proceeded to froth at the mouth and feel very sorry for himself for most of the day. Thankfully I was on hand for cuddles all day to cheer him up... as my husband was at work! What better way to spend the weekend cuddling this: Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Poorly Baby

My Miggster had to go to the vets on Saturday with this...

miggy leg


The Vet said it was sress and she was overgrooming.... so I took her home and we shared lots of cuddles!

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I keep checking on it, and it seems to be growing some fluff back now!

Monday, 30 January 2012

No updates for a while... not much exciting has happened! So here is a prime example of what happens to my left over dinners having 3 cats....

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Minnie is like a hawk.. or a vulture! She will try and get the food as you are cooking it, as you are serving it AND as you are eating it! Mia is a bit more sly... she sits next to you looking all innocent, then reaches a paw out to try and 'hook' some food with her claw!

Miggy waits like an angel for leftovers! Older and wiser she is!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Early Mornings

Waking up at 4.50am is awful! I have to take my husband to work, since some idiot of a woman took it upon herself to knock him clean off his 1 month old, brand new, moped, and break it.

The cats on the other hand, clearly have no issues at being awake at this un-godly hour! Miggy and Minnie have been legging it up and down the stairs, running like the clappers and then, typically, harassing Mia. In fact, right now, Miggy is under the sofa scrabbling round with something with a bell on, while Minnie and Mia are sat waiting for her to peep out so they can attempt to rip her eyes out! Well maybe not quite, but they are very intrigued!!

More fool them I say... Miggy came out of the sofa at the other end!

Sunday, 15 January 2012


I am the kind of girl who seems to be lucky with my Husband! I didn't get just the one engagement ring....

Oh no! I got two! Both as lovely as each other :)

This is the first one that I was given on 11/11/2009

I love pearls so much, so this was perfect! I loved it :) But it got snagged on clothing and slightly damaged, so my lovely husband bought me....

Well everyone knows diamonds are a girls best friend ;) So this is the one that I wear all of the time now, Diamond and white gold, and my wedding ring is white gold to match!

Very lucky indeed hey :D


I guess I should start the blog by introducing myself. I am Rachel, I am married and I have cats! Very simple! I also have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and land hermit crabs too. It is a bit like living in a petting zoo :)

I married my first love on the 28th May 2011, in a fantastic wedding. At this time in our lives, we had a few less pets! We had Bunsk and Belle, the rabbits:

Bruno and Wellington, the guinea pigs;

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Hamertron, Evie (RIP) and Brian (RIP), Mr Chinchinnins the chinchilla (RIP) and ONE cat, Miggy!


Shortly after our wedding and honeymoon, my friend at work kept telling me about her cats having kittens. After collecting one for my friend, I couldn't stop thinking about them... and so ended up with Minnie, cat number 2!

She came to us looking like this -

But she now looks like this!!

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Then, not too long ago, I saw an advert for a siamese cat free to good home. Never in my life have I text someone so fast! ... and to cut a long story short, my husband and I got her. Our lilac point siamese cat, Mia... cat number 3!

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The cats are a constant source of love and laughter in our house. They are all indoor cats, and so wherever you look... there will be a cat :)